ALD Academy on Nucleation and Area-Selective Deposition



There will be an ALD Academy on Nucleation and Area-Selective Deposition at Eindhoven University of Technology on April 3, 2019, the day before the 4th Area Selective Deposition workshop (ASD2019) in Leuven, Belgium. For those interested in both events, there will be transportation from Eindhoven to Leuven.

Area-selective deposition (ASD) has recently developed into an active field of research in both academia and industry, triggered by the fact that alignment is becoming a bottleneck in semiconductor fabrication. Especially area-selective atomic layer deposition (ALD) is acquiring attention for implementation in self-aligned fabrication schemes. This development builds on earlier successes in the fields of selective epitaxy and area-selective chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Besides nanoelectronics, ASD is expected to enable bottom-up fabrication in catalysis, energy generation and storage.

This ALD Academy is an introduction to ASD, and addresses fundamental aspects related to initial growth, nucleation mechanisms and selectivity. The course is aimed at students, researchers, and engineers that are interested or work in the field of ASD, or work on related technologies such as patterning, deposition or etching. 

Please see for registration and more information.

Gregory ParsonsErwin KesselsAdrie Mackus