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4th Area Selective Deposition workshop (ASD 2019)

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Badge pick-up and breakfast

Welcome and Introduction

Overview | Session chairs: Robert Clark (TEL) & C. Vallee (CEA)

09:00 Invited: Area Selective Deposition Challenges and Opportunities for Patterning solution
Efrain Altamirano-Sanchez, B.T. Chan, Annelies Delabie, Silvia Armini and Steven Scheer, IMEC

Deposition / etch and modeling  | Session chairs: Robert Clark (TEL) & C. Vallee (CEA)

09:30 Invited: Challenges and opportunities for high volume manufacturing of selective processes
K.L. Nardi, D.M. Hausmann, D.C. Smith, P.C. Lemaire, K. Sharma, LAM Research

10:00 Invited: Modeling and selectivity loss during coupled deposition/etching ASD processes
Gregory Parsons, North Carolina State University

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Area-selective deposition of SiO2 based on spatial ALD with interleaved etching steps to obtain selectivities > 10 nm
A. Mameli, F. Roozeboom, P. Poodt, TNO - Holst Centre

11:15 ASD by combining ALD and selective etching: proof of concept for Ru
Martijn F.J. Vos, Sonali N. Chopra, Marcel A. Verheijen, John G. Ekerdt, Sumit Agarwal, Wilhelmus M.M. (Erwin) Kessels, Adriaan J.M. Mackus Eindhoven, University of Technology, The University of Texas at Austin, Colorado School of Mines

Catalysis and metals | Session chair: Erwin Kessels (TU/e)

11:30 Invited: Chemical selectivity and nucleation during ALD of Ru with the RuO4 precursor
M. M. Minjauw, H. Rijckaert, I. Van Driessche, C. Detavernier, J. Dendooven, CoCooN Group and SCRIPTS Group, Ghent University

12:00 Bimetallic nanocomposite-catalysts fabricated by area selective ALD and applications
Rong Chen, Kun Cao, Yun Lang, Jiaming Cai, Bin Shan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan

12:15 In-situ area selective ALD in a scanning electron microscope
G. Jeevanandam, R. van Tol, Y. van Goozen, P. Kruit, C.W. Hagen, Delft University of Technology

12:30 Lunch Break
Poster session (during lunch break)

  P1: Study of selective PECVD of Silicon on Silicon Nitride and Aluminum Oxide
Ghewa Akiki, Pavel Bulkin, Dmitri Daineka, Daniel Suchet, Erik V. Johnson, LPICM-CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau

  P2: Area-selective deposition of MoO3 thin films by atomic layer deposition 
Julie Nitsche Kvalvik, Per Anders Hansen and Ola Nilsen University of Oslo, Chemistry Department and Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology, N-0316 Oslo, Norway

  P3: Area-Selective Deposition of Micro Solar Cells for Higher Power Conversion Efficiency
D Siopa, P. Anacleto, S. Sadewasser, P. J. Dale, University of Luxemburg, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory - Braga

  P4: 1D TiO2 nanotube layers: excellent platform for area selective ALD
R. Zazpe, J. Prikryl, J. M. Macak, University of Pardubice, Brno University of Technology

  P5: Controlled deposition of polymer brush films for ASD applications
P. Yadav, R. Lundy, C. Cummins, T. O’Mahony, M. Snelgrove, M.A. Morris, Trinity College Dublin, University of Bordeaux, Dublin City University

  P6: A Transformative Technology for Area Selective Deposition
S. A. Ding, F. Li, K. Xiong, Y. Zhang, H. Yang, SuZhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics

  P7: A combined theoretical and experimental study of FeOx selective ALD growth on Pt nanoparticles
Jiaming Cai, Kun Cao, Yanwei Wen, Bin Shan, Rong Chen Huazhong, University of Science and Technology, Wuhan


P8: Seed-layer free ALD growth of Al2O3 dielectric layer by selective nucleation on monlayer graphene epitaxially fabricated on silicon carbide
E. Schilirò, R. Lo Nigro, F. Giannazzo, S. Agnello, B. Pecz, I. G. Ivanov, R. Yakimova, CNR-IMM Catania, Palermo Univesity, MFA-Centre for Energy Research-Bupdapest, Linkoping University

  P9: Angle-resolved HAXPES analysis of AlxOy and CuxOy layers formed by metal salt diffusion into a poly 2-vinylpyridine (P2vP) polymer layer
P. G. Mani-Gonzalez, M. Snelgrove, R. O’Connor, J. Bogan, R. Lundy, M. Morris, G. Hughes, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, Dublin City University, Trynity College Dublin

  P10: Precise Control of Water Vapor Delivery for ASD
D. Alvarez, Jr., Z. Shamsi, J. Spiegelman, RASIRC

  P11: Low energy ion scattering analysis in ALD and ASD
P. Brüner, T.Grehl, H.H. Brongersma, IONTOF, Eindhoven University of Technology

  P12: Impact of low energy substrate biasing in the initial stages of HfO growth by PE-ALD on H-terminated Si and Si/SiO2 substrates
S. Belahcen, C.Vallée, L.Grenouillet, M. Bonvalota, A. Bsiesy, Universite Grenoble Alpes, CEA-LETI

Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) 1 | Session chair: Stacey Bent (Standford)

14:15 Invited: Materials design in self-aligned processes - the potential integration of area selective depositions
Rudy Wojtecki, Anuja DeSilva, Son Nguyen, Magi Mettry, Alexander Hess, Noel Arellan, IBM Research-Almaden, IBM Semiconductor Research


Structural Phases of Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers (C1-12) on Cu Studied by Density Functional Theory
J. J. Clerix, A. Sanz-Matias, S. Armini, J. N. Harvey, A. Delabiea, Department of Chemistry - KU Leuven, imec

15:00 Vapor Phase Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayers for DoD ASD
Sebastiaan J. F. Herregods, Tinne Delande, Zsolt Tokei, Herbert Struyf, Silvia Armini, Imec

15:15 DoD ASD by a combination of ALD and organic film passivation for self-aligned via patterning
M. Pasquali, S. De Gendt, S. Armini, S. Deng, G. A. Verni, A. Illiberi, M. Givens, KU Leuven, imec, ASM Belgium, ASM Microchemistry

15:30 Coffee Break
Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) 2 | Session chair: Silvia Armini (imec)

16:00 Invited: Nucleation of Binary and Ternary Oxides and Metals During AS-ALD with Applications for Metal and Crystalline Films
Xin Yan, Himamshu C. Nallan, Brennan M. Coffey, Pei-Yu Chen, John G. Ekerdt, University of Texas at Austin

16:30  SAM as ALD Ru growth inhibitor in an area selective bottom up metallization scheme
I. Zyulkov, V. Madhiwal, S. Armini, S. De Gendt, KU Leuven, Imec, TU Chemnitz

16:45 The effect of Atomic Oxygen on (3-trimethoxysilylpropyl)diethylenetriamine (DETA) self assembled monolayers
J. Bogan, A. Brady-Boyd, S. Armini, R. O’Connor, Dublin City University, imec

19:00 Conference Dinner at the Faculty Club’s Cum Laude restaurant in the UNESCO world heritage Leuven’s Great Beguinage, Groot Begijnhof 14, 3000 Leuven

Friday , April 5, 2019

Alternative inhibitors | Session chair: John Ekerdt (University of Texas, USA)

09:00  Invited: Selective deposition requirements for patterning applications
R. Freed, C. I. Lang, N. Alexis, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California

09:30 Invited: Surface-reactivity-determined Patterning Technology - The Era of Atomic Crafting
Han-Bo-Ram Lee, Incheon National University

10:00 Mechanism of precursor blocking by inhibitor molecules
M.J.M. Merkx, D.M. Hausmann, W.M.M. Kessels, T.E. Sandoval, A.J.M. Mackus,
Eindhoven University of Technology, LAM Research Corporation, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María - Santiago

10:15 Area selective Ru-ALD by amorphous carbon modification using H radicals
I. Zyulkov, E. Voronina, D. Voloshin, BT Chan, Y. Mankelevich, T. Rakhimova, S. Armini, S. De Gendt KU Leuven, Lomonosov, Moscow State University

10:30 Coffee Break | Group picture 
Advanced materials and processes  | Session chairs: Annelies Delabie (Imec) & Andrea Illiberi(ASM)

11:00 Invited: Advances and Challenges in Selective Deposition
Kandabara Tapily, Shuji Azumo, Shinichi Ike, Yumiko Kawano, Kai-Hung Yu, Gyana Pattanaik, Sophia Rogalskyj, Danny Newman, R. Clark, Cory Wajda, Takaaki Tsunomura, Gert Leusink, Yusaku Kashiwagi, TEL Technology Center America, Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Tokyo, TEL Tokyo

11:30 Area Selective Deposition: how plasma can favor the topographically selective deposition on 3D substrate
C. Vallée, M. Bonvalot, R. Gassilloud, V. Pesce, A. Chaker, S. Belahcen, N. Possémé, B. Pelissier, P. Gonon, A. Bsiesy,
Universite Grenoble Alpes, University of Tsukuba, CEA-LETI

11:45 Invited: Inductively coupled plasma-polymerized CFx inhibition layers for selective oxide and metal deposition
Necmi Biyikli, University of Connecticut

12:15 Formation and in-situ characterization of metal oxides from infiltrated polymers
M. Snelgrove, J. Bogan, P. G. Mani-Gonzalez, R. Lundy, P. Swift, M. Morris, G. Hughes, R. O’Connor, Dublin City University, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Trinity College Dublin, National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology Dublin

12:30 Selective area growth of diamond on ALD coated surfaces
R. Ramaneti, G. Degutis, K. J. Sankaran, P. Pobedinskas, M. K. Van Bael, K. Haenen, Hasselt University, IMOMEC-imec

12:45 Lunch Break
Defects control | Session chair: Mark Saly (AMAT)

14:00 Invited: Selective Epitaxial growth
J. Tolle ASM
14:30 Surface diffusion for defect mitigation during ASD of Ru
J. Soethoudt, F. Grillo, E. Marques, J. R. van Ommen, H. Hody, A. Delabie, KU Leuven, imec, TU Delft, ETH Zurich

14:45 Invited: Scatterometry and AFM measurement combination for area selective deposition process characterization
Mohamed Saib, Alain Moussa, Anne-Laure Charley, Philippe Leray, Joey Hung, Roy Koret, Avron Ger, Shaoren Deng, Andrea Illiberi, Jan Willem Maes, Gabriel Woodford and Michael Strauss, Imec, Nova Measuring Instruments, ASM Belgium, Thermo Fisher Scientific

 Critical challenges for ASD Panel discussion 

15:50 Summary and Adjourn
16:00 End Of the Workshop


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