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The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including the following:

Area selective epitaxy and area selective chemical vapor deposition: processes and mechanisms, defects control

Intrinsic selectivity of ALD processes: nucleation and interface studies, chemical selectivity in surface reactions, competitive adsorption,

precursors design, modeling of surface reactions

Methods for area selective activation / deactivation: use of inhibitors (self-assembled monolayers, polymers), plasma-/beam-induced activation

Processes and mechanisms for area selective atomic layer deposition: deposition of metals or dielectrics, thermal/plasma enhanced ALD, 3D or patterned substrates, substrates preparation, sequential deposition/etching,

Metrology and defects control: surface characterization techniques, selective etching of defects

Applications of area selective deposition: semiconductor industry (integration needs of device makers, solutions proposed by the equipment makers), catalysis, energy generation and storage, etc.